La Parisienne :
wash better
for the best.

Easy peasy Parisienne squeezy

We're by your side during every cycle of your life. In the whirlwinds of your day-to-day, in the small storms and the big ones, you can always count on La Parisienne.
We know that when you wash, you’re doing more than just cleaning.
That's why we design more than your average household cleaning product: we offer lasting protection for what matters to you most. A majority of our products are biodegradable and do everything in their power to safeguard the planet. They’re effective but also thoughtful, since they protect your laundry and your home… as well as people.
La Parisienne washes better.
Better for the environment, better for your clothes and for your home: better for you.
It's simple: with La Parisienne, it's easy!

A tour de force

La Parisienne is committed to making sure that everything turns out for the best when it comes to your clothes, your home, your environment and yourself.

To better protect nature

At La Parisienne, we're constantly striving to avoid any undesired impact on the planet’s health—and on your health, too.

Our detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids and dishwasher tablets are biodegradable. Our bleach and fabric softener sheets? They may not be biodegradable, but since we have more than one trick up our ecological sleeve, we have solutions for you! We've developed La Parisienne 2 bleach, which is chlorine and phosphate free, and we've come up with several tips to give your fabric softener a second life.

  • Most of our packaging is recyclable.
  • Our detergent formulas are more concentrated to limit water consumption.
  • Most of our products are made and sold in Quebec. Because they don’t travel around the world, they greatly reduce our transportation-related ecological footprint
  • Our innovations are thought out with sustainable development in mind.
With La Parisienne, the world goes ‘round!

To better protect your fabrics and your home

The equation is simple: efficiency + biodegradability + sustainable protection = La Parisienne products.

But we're not satisfied with just that. We're also working to revolutionize the world of cleaning products by developing technologies that make our products perform like clockwork.

Our fibre protection formula removes lint and revives colours. It gives your clothes an unparalleled appearance, wash after wash.

Our fabric softeners work like magic on your clothes, making them softer than ever and leaving them smelling fresh for days.

Our dishwashing soaps have antibacterial, degreasing and odor eliminating properties. It's up to you to decide what your cutlery needs!

Our different types of bleach each have their own qualities: multi-purpose disinfectant, fibre guard and booster. They do the trick every time.

With La Parisienne, just a little goes a looong way!

To better protect yourself

La Parisienne helps you with household chores that, let's face it, can get a little repetitive.

We've got more than one trick up our sleeve: our cleaning products are so effective that they'll help you space out laundry sessions, wash dishes faster and get rid of stains with a capful of bleach. Even better? Their fragrances make sure to invigorate your senses, as well as calm your mind. We’ve thought of everything.

In addition to their formidable effectiveness, our various formulas have properties that meet different daily needs :

  • Hypoallergenic detergent and fabric softener without perfume or dyes, to protect sensitive skin.
  • Detergent specially designed to protect baby's soft skin¹.
  • Antibacterial dishwashing liquid to keep viruses out of the house.
  • Premium all-in-one dishwasher tablets to avoid having to rinse everything before starting the cycle.
  • Odour eliminating laundry detergent to take the guilt out of leaving the dirty pile lying around for a bit
  • Multi-purpose bleach and disinfectant to eliminate viruses and bacteria and avoid having to use several household products—you can do a lot with this one!
  • Multi-purpose bleach and disinfectant to eliminate viruses and bacteria and to avoid having to use several household products.

With La Parisienne, it's your turn to feel good.

1 Tested by an independent laboratory under dermatological control.