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New Fibre
Protection technology!

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Cleaning products: La Parisienne’s specialty.

At La Parisienne, we’ve been developing cleaning products for laundry and home maintenance for more than 100 years. They do more than just clean: they take care of what you hold dear.

From our biodegradable detergents that protect fabrics and brighten up colours to our dish soaps that feel good on your hands and to the environment, all our products guarantee more than cleanliness and efficiency for all household cleaning occasions.

We innovate every day to develop products that take good care of your clothes, household, people, and the planet.

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Degreaser & Odour eliminator Premium Formula

Degreaser Premium Formula



Everything you need for household cleaning

At La Parisienne, we have many categories of cleaning products for clothing, dishes and home maintenance.

The range of La Parisienne’s cleaning products includes:

– Detergents –

– Softeners –

– Products for dishes –

– Bleach products –

Fibre protection technology

La Parisienne is proud to help you take care of your clothes. With our fiber protection technology, maintaining your favourite pieces is easy and allows you to keep them longer. Cleaning products that always bring a little bit more softness – that’s what La Parisienne is all about.

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