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Bleach, a multipurpose disinfectant.

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  • 1,27L
  • 2,4L
  • 3,6L


La Parisienne’s multipurpose bleach has been an integral part of Quebecers’ cleaning routine for more than 100 years. An affordable ally for disinfection that can be used as a whitening agent for laundry.

La Parisienne’s bleach is registered with Health Canada (DIN) as a disinfectant for non-porous hard surfaces. Keep your environment clean and safe with Quebecers’ favourite multipurpose disinfectant.

Our new concentrated formula kills 99,99% of bacteria and viruses and provides the same number of uses as our previous formula. It protects and keeps fabrics whiter longer while repelling grease and dirt.

La Parisienne’s bleach is compatible with all types of washing machines (HE or standard) and allows for an impeccable, white, laundry without damaging your equipment.

La Parisienne’s bleach is available in three useful formats of 1 ,27 L, 2,4 L and 3,6 L easy to pour and to store.

Shelf life

12 months

Instructions and precautions for bleach


La Parisienne’s bleach disinfects non-porous hard surfaces.

La Parisienne’s multipurpose bleach can be used to whiten tile joints, disinfect non-porous hard surfaces (counters, trash cans, cutting boards, litters, tubs, etc.)

An efficient and easy to use disinfectant, it is, however, important to respect the recommended doses and reaction time that are found on the label to ensure proper disinfection. After disinfection, rinse with potable water all surfaces and objects that can come in direct contact with food or children at the stage of oral exploration.

To use La Parisienne’s multipurpose bleach as a disinfectant, make a solution out of:

  • 150 ml of 4% bleach
  •  3,8 L of water

LAUNDRY: La Parisienne’s bleach whitens and eliminates stains

To whiten your laundry, you only need to pour pour 80ml La Parisienne’s multipurpose bleach in the distributor (HE washer) or in the water (standard washer) before putting in your laundry. Do not pour directly on laundry.

Instructions for hand washing and cotton diapers

Let soak for ten minutes in a solution of 40 ml of La Parisienne’s multipurpose bleach per 4 litres of water. Rinse well to avoid redness and irritation on the baby’s skin.


  • Test the bleach on a hidden part of the item, before use. Follow the washing instructions from the clothing manufacturers.
  • Do not use on silk, wool, mohair, leather or elastane (Spandex).
  • Do not use as a disinfectant on aluminum or silver.
  • All surfaces coming into contact with food must be rinsed with potable water after having been in contact with bleach.
  • Put gloves on when handling bleach.

La Parisienne’s bleach in full responsible mode

La Parisienne’s bleach is cruelty-free, packaged with recyclable material and proudly bottled in Quebec, which reduces transport and the emission of greenhouse gases.
For laundry, avoid regular bleach and choose La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach - it’s even more eco-friendly, formulated without chlorine or phosphates.

*Bottled in Quebec, which reduces transportation and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Recyclable packaging
  • Not tested on animals