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La Parisienne’s chlorine-free and phosphate-free bleach

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  • 1,27L


La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach is an eco-friendly alternative to regular bleach. A softer formula specially adapted for laundry without the characteristic smell of traditional bleach.

La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach is formulated without chlorine or phosphates, it removes stains and gives back shine to white or coloured fabrics, without risk of discolouring. It is therefore safer and easy to use for your laundry. It’s also slightly scented and gives fabrics a fresh smell of cleanliness, without giving off the unpleasant smell of bleach. Try it once and we bet you’ll never go back!

La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach formula is safe for all types of fabrics and colours so you don’t need to worry about its usage with pieces that are coloured or delicate. Our bleach is also compatible with all types of washers (HE or standard) and is highly efficient at all temperatures, even in cold water.

La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach is available in a 1,27 L format that’s easy to pour and to store. Keep a bottle next to your washing machine and make your clothes shine longer.

Shelf life

12 month

Instructions and precautions for bleach

La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach is ultra-efficient at removing stains and giving back shine to fabrics.

Instructions for laundry

Whether it is for white or coloured fabrics, La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach is efficient in cold, hot and warm water.

If you have a standard washer: Add 125 ml of chlorine-free bleach in the water before adding laundry.

If you have an HE washer, less bleach is necessary: Pour 65 ml of chlorine-free bleach in the laundry detergent distributor before adding in your detergent. IMPORTANT: Do not use in bleach dispensers.


  • Always test the product on a hidden part of the item before use.
  • IMPORTANT: To avoid discolouring, never pour directly onto fabrics.

For optimal results:

It is recommended to sort your clothes and follow the washing instructions from the manufacturer.

La Parienne’s bleach in full responsible mode

La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach is:
● Phosphates-free.
● Bottled in Quebec, which reduces transport and emissions of greenhouse gases.
● Packaged with recyclable material.
● Not tested on animals.

For laundry, avoid regular bleach and choose La Parisienne’s chlorine-free bleach – it’s even more eco-friendly, formulated without chlorine or phosphates.