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Products that take
care of local families

Products that take
care of local families

Fabric softener sheets - tranquilia

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Fabric softener sheets – tranquilia


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La Parisienne fabric softeners sheets combine pleasure and efficacy. They give your laundry noticeable softness while eliminating static cling. Immerse yourself in the light, comforting scent of TRANQUILIA – A sweet, embracing combination of lotus, bamboo, and honey with a hint of vanilla for laundry that smells gently exotic and comforting.

  • Confort Douceur formula providing a noticeable softness
  • Soft, comforting scents
  • Static cling control



La Parisienne fabric softener sheets can also be used to refresh and get rid of odours in all kinds of places.


Simply place a fabric softener sheet in enclosed spaces or anywhere that needs a bit of freshness. For example:

  • In drawers and wardrobes so your clothes always smell fresh.
  • At the bottom of the laundry hamper to avoid odours.
  • In everyday and sports shoes to deodorize them.
  • In suitcases before storing them so they stay fresh.
  • Under a car seat to get rid of odours.

Try these tips at home for a soft smell anywhere you want!

Responsible mode

Clever ways to reuse your fabric softener sheets: One way is to use them to remove hair from windows, sofas, beds, and clothing.

*The box is made from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 35% postconsumer content

  • Not tested on animals