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Power degreaser dishwashing liquid

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Power degreaser dishwashing liquid


  • 740ml

La Parisienne biodegradable Power Degreaser OXI dishwashing liquid easily lifts tough grease and stuck-on food for sparkling, clean dishes. Available with a sparkling, fresh scent.

  • Powerful degreasing formula
  • Specially formulated to lift grease and tough dirt
  • Biodegradable formula*
  • Non-irritating products, tested under dermatological control

Responsible mode

Save water: Soak your dishes in a sink full of water to dislodge dried food. If possible, use the rinse water from the previous washing to soak dishes.

*Biodegradable within 28 days according to the OECD 301D test standards as confirmed by an independent lab.

  • Non-irritating products, tested under dermatological control
  • Phosphate free
  • Bottled in Quebec, which reduces transportation and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Container, cap, label, and shipping boxes can all be recycled
  • Not tested on animals