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Make your clothes last
longer with our
Fibre Protection formula!

From the lilac-coloured jacket you bought in Rome
to the polka dot blouse you “borrowed” from your sister,
all your clothes have a story. And we’ll take care
of your entire wardrobe with our new
Fibre Protection formula, which extends the life of fabrics.

Lint disappears,
colours reappear

By the time you finish a bottle,
your clothes will look immeasurably better.

Compare the effectiveness of our
Fibre Protection formula to that of a leading brand.

After 32 cycles

Drag the slider to see the difference.


Fuzz balls aren’t your thing? What about faded colours? Well, then, you’re in luck, because our detergents don’t like them either. Our Fibre Protection formula contains macromolecules that gently suppress damaged fibers that form on the fabric’s surface. The result: smoother, brighter clothes, wash after wash!

The ideal formula to take care of…

The ideal formula
to take care of…

your cotton

Our Fibre Protection formula is suitable for all fabrics, but works wonders on cotton. No more worrying about fluff, lint or pilling.

your crazy
Hawaiian shirt

Others may wince when they see it, but you love it! And you’ll love it even more knowing that our detergents will revive its, um…flamboyant colours.

your navy
blue blazer

After hitting 17 stores to find the perfect shade and style, fading is simply not an option! Fortunately, our detergents are specifically designed to preserve colours.

the softness
of your sheets

Did you know that you spend more than 2,500 hours nestled under your sheets every year? Talk about a great reason to maintain their sweet softness. Luckily for you, our Fibre Protection formula is on the job.

This dress has a long history,
but it doesn’t show…

Julie is wearing her lucky dress,
and no one has a clue that
it belonged to her mother! Discover why.

Which piece of clothing
do you want to keep
beautiful forever?

Visit the La Parisienne community and
talk wardrobe and fabric care.